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Legal Services

Healthcare Law

Blair Law has substantial experience counseling clients on matters concerning the operation and regulation of healthcare and human service organizations. Blair Law is able to service a broad array of industry providers including acute care and specialty hospitals, private physician practices, behavioral health facilities, outpatient surgical facilities, and imaging centers.

Healthcare Attorney in CT

We advise our healthcare and human services clients regarding all aspects of their businesses, from corporate organization, development of business development to regulatory compliance. In addition, the diversity of experience of Blair Law allows us to counsel our healthcare and human services clients in the areas of corporate and administrative law, as well as, government law and strategies.

Specifically, Blair Law, practices in the area of healthcare and human services with a focus on representation of healthcare facilities and other providers, including hospitals, ambulatory surgical facilities, residential care homes, emergency medical services providers, behavioral health providers, including residential treatment centers and hospitals for mentally ill persons, faculty practice plans and private physician practices, before the Office of Health Care Access, the Department of Public Health and various other federal and state agencies.

Blair Law engages in a wide range of contested Certificate of Need matters involving the establishment of healthcare facilities, the sale of healthcare facilities and the acquisition of major imaging equipment. His Department of Public Health practice focuses on the licensure of new facilities, the transfer of ownership of existing facilities and licensure issues in connection with such matters. In additions, Blair Law engages individual practitioners, including physicians and dentists, in licensure investigations involving the Department of Public Health and the State of Connecticut’s various professional boards.

For more healthcare law information, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

Real Estate Law

The practice provides a wide range of services to client involved in real estate finance, real estate development, purchase and sale, including, mortgage loan Closings, title insurance, mechanic lien claims; boundary disputes, adverse possession claims; partition claims; quiet title claims. Blair Law also provides services in connection commercial and residential real estate development and land use.

For more real estate law information, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

Family Law

Family law services include but are not limited to, estate planning, estates and trusts, wills, will contests and probate matters.

For more family law information, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.